Clear Watch Security introduces Active Guard

Security Patrols

We agree that security officers are asked to carry out a very touch role whilst the rest of the country sleeps.

Security officers are tasked to carry out patrols to make sure materials and property are safe.

To act as a visual deterrent. To provide assurance to clients that when they attend work in the morning that all their valuable assets will still be there.

How do we know the security officer is not asleep?

How do we know the security officer is safe?

What does the security officer do all night?

These are a few questions that are raised by clients and management when addressing security.

But who looks after the security officer?

This is where Active Guard comes in. This is a patrol system designed to help the security officer.

Key features:

  • Real Time Patrols : Showing the security officers is conducting patrols on time
  • Lone Worker Protection : The PANIC button allows immediate communication with our office in case of an emergency
  • 2 Way conversation : Each ActiveGuard device is programmed to answer calls ONLY from authorised numbers allowing us to communicate with our guards.

This tell us that our security officer is safe and carrying out patrols at the correct times. It shows that the client is getting value for their money. Above all it shows that as a company Clear Watch Security takes pride in their staff and clients respectively.