Family Security on Holiday

We pack our bags, making sure we haven’t forget any essentials such as tanning lotion or our mobile phone chargers, we are all accustomed to the last minute dash.


What most of us fail to factor into our holidays is family security. If we are taking children abroad with us have we sat down and spoken to them about the importance of staying safe?

I know I would do anything to keep my family safe, but it is becoming increasingly difficult with the open society we live in today.

As we have our iPods, smart phones and laptops on display, we are a target as soon as we land on the runway.

Parents and guardians should make sure that when they take their children abroad that key items such as smart phones and iPods are not on display.

Get to the hotel/apartment where you will be staying, familiarise yourself with your new surroundings and sit down as a whole family and set a family security plan.

Inform all members of the family what they need to do if one gets lost, store key telephone numbers in each mobile phone.

We all have access to the internet on our mobile devices, make sure that you can locate your hotel/apartment using the address.

If children are very young have some kind of name tag attached to their clothing.

If you have agreed to meet at a certain place, make sure everyone knows how they will be arriving there and always have a time window set.

It is all too easy to get caught up in holiday fever and overlook these tips.

Family Security on Holiday should be as important as booking your seat on the plane.

Remember it’s free yet priceless.