Keyholding For Businesses

Key Holding For Businesses

It’s been a long day and you have been counting down the clock until it’s time to close your shop and go home. You envisage getting in putting your feet up, pouring a drink and sitting in front of the TV, not having to get up again.

We all think of this scenario almost every day, yet it does not happen very often at all. Something always crops up and our relaxing evening is put on the back burner again.

If you are a business owner then your are most likely to be the keyholder, so the above scenario is almost out of the question.

Most nights if you are not worrying about how you are going to get your next sale or pay certain bills, then you may be busy attending alarm call-outs.

Small business owners for whatever reasons take all the business tasks upon themselves including Security.

Security is a very specific field and requires careful consideration. Did you know that as a key holder to your own business the risks of attending an alarm call-out can carry various risks such as an intruder still inside the premises?
If you have chosen another member of staff to attend alarm call-outs, then as an employer your care of duty involves not putting that individual in harm’s way,  you have to make every effort to make sure your staff are fully trained in extreme eventualities.The police have set rules for alarm call-outs, if you have more than 3 false alarm activations then the police are within their rights not to prioritise your call the next time.

As a key holder of your business you need to bear in mind the following:

  • You need to respond ASAP, so you need to be within the vicinity of your business
  • You need to drive following an alarm activation, so a social drink is out of the picture
  • When you arrive at your premises, prepare for the worst

There are many security firms willing to carry out these tasks for

you. If you are going to contract your key holding out to a company then make sure they have all the correct insurances in place.

They should be close to your business as call-out times are usually within a 20/25mins time window. They should also have experience in key holding, you may ask for testimonials.Remember sometimes out sourcing certain tasks allow you to free up time to concentrate on the mor
e productive aspects of your business.Clear Watch Security provides a tailored key holding package https://www.clearwatchsecurity.co.uk/security-services-key-holding/