The Creepiest Security Guard You’ll Ever Meet

Story preface: Security guard Art graciously agreed to pose for these pictures so I could recreate this story for you.


When I went into the office building lobby, I saw him immediately: watching me from a booth in the back corner, arms crossed…I knew there was going to be a problem.


Security guards at big office buildings always get suspicious when they see me come in with my big camera hanging around my neck, especially with the whole Occupy Wall Street thing going on.


But hey, this is my job. So I went up to the window, big smile on my face, and started explaining how I was a movie location scout looking for a shooting location and would the owners perhaps be interested…


That’s when I realized he didn’t seeming to be listening to me. In fact, he seemed to be looking over my shoulder, watching something intently. I turned to look, and…nothing was there.


Now I started to get annoyed. Was this guy blowing me off? I began telling him that I was really sorry to bother him, but I just wanted to speak to management. And then I realized…


This guy wasn’t moving…


…at all:


Holy. Shit.


This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever run into while scouting. I was completely, 100% fooled! And the attention to detail is insane – the shirt was somewhat dirty and wrinkled…


…the veins and freckles looked totally convincing…


He even had a gun in a holster worn with age:


This totally made my day. Can more office buildings please start incorporating things like this over the typical soulless lobby sculptures you tend to see? I’d tell you where this was, but I’d hate to ruin a chance encounter you might one day have with Art.


Haha, “Art.” Is there a more suitable name?


PS – Thanks again for posing, Art.

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