Void Property Inspections

Avoid damage, squatting or break-ins for any vacant space

We make a void property inspection simpler, faster and more thorough thanyou may be used to.

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Inspecting vacant properties yourself can drain countless hours and resources from your business – manpower and effort that could be best spent elsewhere. But you’re legally obliged to do so. Why not rely on trained security experts instead?

We can review your premises as often as you’d like, on foot or behind a patrol car, to keep your most important assets safe. With Clear Watch, this isn’t just a box-ticking exercise. Far from it.

You get a team of SIA- approved professionals helmed by a single account manager to check-in and resolve any issue they come across. That’s partly how we’re able to meet a resolution timeframe of just 48 hours – simple management leads to zero headaches.

What we guard against

  • Thieves & forced entry

    Thanks to some of the best security training in the UK, we can spot the signs of a break-in instantly - and make moves to stop it.

  • Faulty security tech

    Clear Watch will check and test any cameras, sensors or other provisions around the premises.

  • Arson

    Manned, random patrols deter arsonists from targeting your building. We’ll also look for weak spots in your existing security

  • Squatters

    It’s an increasing problem, but we know how to handle it. Plus, we’ll secure the building to prevent it from happening again.

  • Leaks & weather damage

    The quicker you and us know about natural delipidation, the faster we can act to stop it.

We’re more than your basic inspection service

Excellent customer care and nationally-recognised credentials are just the start of what we’ll bring to your inspection schedule. Clear Watch gives you these benefits too:

Real-time updates

We’ve built technology that tells you where our guards are, instantly.

Total flexibility

Ask us to focus more on one property, or scale up our services whenever youlike.

Detailed incident reports

Nothing is left out of our digital reports, explaining what we’ve seen and dealt with.

Effortless communication skills

If we encounter any trespassers, we’ll speak to them firmly and professionally.

We’re available whenever you - and your clients - need us

A dedicated account manager will be your primary contact, and ensure you have exactly what you’re looking for. Keen to get started?
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The exact Clear Watch package is down to you

Talk to us about your current vacant properties and the specific requirements they carry. Plus, we can even combine the inspection with our remote concierge or manned guard services if you prefer. Each can shift with the state of your business or expanding premises.
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Discover what else we lay on top of your typical
void property inspection:
  • Health & safety treatment
  • We’ll solve anything hazardous that might arise.
  • Locking & unlocking
  • Ask us to deal with doors, windows and shutters.
  • Emergency service contact
  • If necessary, we’ll call for police, ambulance or fire and rescue support.
  • Monitoring solutions
  • We’ll keep an eye on CCTV, sensors, alarms or other measures.

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It pays to sleep easy with an inspection service that stays proactive, not reactive. Even just our physical presence can deter those who shouldn’t be nearby. So, what are you waiting for? Get a free quote today.

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