Fire Warden Security

Fire Warden Security entails a “fire watch” system. Somebody who will be responsible for managing and mitigating fire risk at your premises.

What to Expect from Our Fire Warden Security Service

We deploy trained fire marshals who look after the safety and security of your premises. Tasked with protecting your business we will make sure all checks are conducted at regular intervals.

This gives the occupants of the premises peace of mind knowing that there is a system in place should the need arise.

The main purpose of a fire watch system is so that you can manage the risks against threat of fire. Fire watch systems are implemented when there is a higher risk of fire at your premises.
There may be times when systems such as sprinklers and fire alarms are not active. This is when a fire watch system will need to be used.
The fire watch system is most beneficial where there may be large numbers of people in a building at the same time.

When Is a Fire Watch Required?

A fire watch is required when a building’s fire alarm, fire sprinkler, or fire suppression system is not working, or there is an outage planned that may last more than 4 hours.

This also applies if there are hot works taking place which may produce sparks or flames.

Fire Watch

Benefits of Fire Warden Security:

  • Waking Watch Security
  • Static  & access control
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Maintenance and fire alarm checks
  • Reduce the risk of fire damage

Fire Warden training covers:

Risk Assessments

Up-to-date security legislation for your industry

Health & Safety

Advanced health and safety practices

Fire Marshalls

First-aid assistance

Incident Reporting

Technical reporting and documentation

Emergency Assistance

Excellent communication in stressful situations


Conflict Management

Service Agreements

Searching, arresting, and emergency service contact


To spot any early signs of suspicious activity

Keeping a Watch on your premises

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