Remote Concierge

Give a warm welcome 24/7, without lifting a finger

Free up your time, day or night from only just £4.00 p/h

How it works

Discover the ideal way to greet customers

Seize every chance to impress with our outsourced support services for calls, assistance, a physical response, and beyond, provided by trained operatives. We stand out from the rest by offering dedicated personnel and a total solution.
We can resolve 90% of inquiries remotely. For the remaining 10%, we guarantee an in-person visit to your site. No exceptions.

How the service works

  • 1

    We take all inbound calls and emails. Our concierges are trained in high-class customer service.

  • 2

    Remotely, there’s so much we can do… Like checking guests in, caring for late arrivals, replying to questions and handling incidents.

  • 3

    If there’s an emergency or suspicious activity, we’ll head straight to the premises - and liaise with police, ambulance or fire and rescue services.

  • 4

    Then it’s time to catalogue everything we’ve seen, heard or managed. We’ll prepare a full report in just 24 hours.

Give your customers and guests the attention they deserve. prioritise your offering with our Remote Concierge Service.

Improve Efficiency

Manage all out-of-hours operations in a single stroke, so nothing’s left unanswered.

Clear Savings

You’ll save up to 70% compared to traditional, on-site front of house services.

Personal audio communication

A voice on the phone can offer a lot of assurance - and maintains your service reputation.

A Combined Physical Deterrent

Breath easily, knowing that our professionals are equipped to deal with anything.

We’re available whenever you - and your clients - need us

A dedicated account manager will be your primary contact, and ensure you have exactly what you’re looking for. Keen to get started?
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It doesn’t stop at Remote Concierge…

Staying courteous and capable on the phone is just the beginning. The Clear Watch team can also take care of:
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  • Round-the-clock check-ins
  • Appointment Bookings.
  • Access control for guests or visitors
  • Full facility oversight, 365 days a year
  • Complete security packages

You can also combine our remote concierge with front-of-house professionals, or even mobile patrols.

We can scale to any requirement.

What are our clients saying about us?

Total trust, flexibility and integration - it’s paying off for the businesses that’ve used us. Read about their experiences below...
``We have been using Clear Watch for over 5 years now. They handle all out of hours calls. Should there be a need for assistance for our guests, Clear Watch sends out a response team. They are not just a call answering service, they provide a full bespoke package which includes call handling and concierge. Using their call handling services has given our staff a peace of mind knowing we don’t have to handle any out of hours calls.``
Lesell Johnson General Manager
``Our luxury apartments are based over York and Harrogate. As we don’t operate a 24 hour reception we rely on an out of hours service. This is provided by Clear Watch Security. They are essentially our very own remote concierge. They handle all out of hours requests and provide security cover over all our locations.``
Charlotte Dack Manager - The Lawrance
Since 2016, we have relied on Clear Watch Security for their services. They supply us with concierge officers at our various locations and promptly address any ad-hoc requirements. Their management team is highly proactive, promptly resolving any issues that may arise. Their consistent exceptional service has been invaluable to us.
Janice Service Manager - Housing 21

Add even more peace of mind to your package

We’re SIA-approved contractors, so you know we have the skills and commitment to the latest compliance standards. But Clear Watch go beyond the norm for corporate security. Our rapid resolution times – supported by our own technology – are a level apart from what you may expect, or have been used to elsewhere.

Your remote concierge service can do the following for security, if desired:

A Clear Watch on your remote concierge

You’re in the safest pair of hands – both for customer engagement, and continuous protection. Get back to business; leave the rest to us. Contact the team today.

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