Security Analytics

How does incident reporting make a difference?

Our incidents reports go down to minute details such as capturing images, signatures, detailed notes, diagrams, and more. Each report is designed with your unique requirements in mind.

Most incident reporting systems are very vague, inflexible, and you are required to fit in. Our system is nothing like that, we want you to choose how reporting should work. That’s why we have a system that fits all sizes and adapts to your unique needs.

Smart Guarding Solutions

By making your security operations as efficient as possible you can maximise your resources. Eliminating repetitive tasks will get rid of human error. It will also give you more value for your service. Security can concentrate on the real issuesand not worry about filling out paperwork.

Performance Reports

There will be times where you will want to know how your service provider is performing. They are many ways to measure performance. But what you will want to know more than anything else is, does the service work for you and is it worth it?We make this easy for you. Our enhanced reporting features allow us to pinpoint certain areas. We can keep an eye on last-minute changes, maintain SLA compliance, accurately reduce overtime spending and measure KPIs. Without accurate reporting and real time data, you’re unable to spot trends and get ahead of potential risks. We take care of this for you.

Boost profitability

Using security analytics from your operations will boost profitability for you. Who doesn’t like saving money?When all your data is held securely on one platform, it is much easier to access reports, patrol tours and see where incidents are taking place. With this information you can minimise and mitigate risks. The interactive information we provide helps you and your stakeholders see a return on your investment.

Stay Compliant

Rules and regulations that impact the security industry are very specific. You need to make sure you are acting within the law when hiring security services. You need to also make sure all security personnel are vetted screened and correct the correct licenses for their roles. Our platform covers all these areas, when we hire a security officer, we will ensure all the background checks have been completed before deployment. You don’t have to worry about any legal matters as we have in-house HR teams that have vetted and screened our staff.

We provide the following reports for our clients:

  • Incident Reports
  • Daily Activity Reports (DAR)
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Visitor Logs
  • Disciplinary Reports
  • All important data is captured
  • Real-time reporting as the incident is being recorded
  • Reports may be searched in historical data
  • Eliminates manual input error
  • Backed up to cloud storage – Paperless
  • All clients have access to their sites incident trends
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