Mobile Patrols

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    Mobile vehicle patrols

    Trained, licenced and uniformed officers patrolling your premises in marked vehicles.

    Keyholding + Lock & Unlock

    Securely holding your keys in a safe location - Locking & Unlocking your business at designated times.

    Alarm response

    Responding to every single alarm activation, resolving the issue as quickly as possible

    Live reporting

    View your digital security reports live from the comfort of your own home.

    Pricing Plans

    Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.
    £30 £59.99
    billed yearly
    2 Patrol Visits Per Night2 Patrol Visits Per Night
    Live ReportingLive Reporting
    24/7 Support24/7 Support
    Signage BoardsSignage Boards
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    £45 £89.99
    billed yearly
    3 Patrol Visits Per Night3 Patrol Visits Per Night
    Live ReportingLive Reporting
    24/7 Support24/7 Support
    Signage BoardsSignage Boards
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    £60 £129.99
    billed yearly
    4 Patrol Visits Per Night4 Patrol Visits Per Night
    Live ReportingLive Reporting
    24/7 Reporting24/7 Reporting
    Signage BoardsSignage Boards
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    *These plans are only available solely to businesses located in and around Oldham. For prices outside of these areas, please contact us

    Find answers and general information

    A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

    1. What are Mobile Patrols?

    Mobile patrols are designed to deter vandals and intruders. Mobile Patrols give your premises that physical security presence.


    The mobile security vehicle is designed to be highly visible. A mobile officer usually arrives at your premises and conducts visible patrols. They will visit key areas of the buildings and check for any signs of entry or unusual behaviour. Any vulnerable areas of your premises are provided an extra layer of security. Mobile Patrols are put in place to keep any potential intruders away from your premises.

    2. What are the benefits of Mobile Patrols?

    • Internal and external patrols of your premises to identify any signs of forced entry.


    • Overt/Covert vehicles carry out random or pre-planned visits to you premises.


    • Emergency equipment carried in our vehicles should your site need to be secured in case of an incident.


    • Mobile patrols are ideal for clients who have to leave their premises unoccupied overnight and during weekend.


    • All findings are documented and relayed back to our control centre.

    3. What are the duties of a Mobile Officer?

    The duties of our Mobile Patrol Officers include:

    • Securing the premises


    • Denying entry to unauthorised visitors


    • Patrolling the internal and external of your property


    • Responding to alarms


    • Monitoring surveillance systems and equipment


    • Creating digital reports for you to view online

    4. Can this benefit my establishment?

    The answer is YES!


    Security plays a huge part in the success of your establishment. Our Mobile Patrols have helped many businesses across the North West to maintain their reputation and ward off intruders and vandals.

    5. Static Guarding vs Mobile Patrols

    • Unlike a static guard, a mobile officer is able to manoeuvre and patrol in and around the premises with our highly visible vehicle.


    • For the fraction of the price you would pay for a static guard, you could hire a mobile officer to do the same thing.