Front of House

Positioned at the main entrance to control access.

Providing a visible security presence for your business.
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Front of house services are key for the corporate and office environments.

Front of house services are key for the corporate and office environments. The security officer is the first line of contact. The image your company wants to portray starts here. The officer’s role is to meet and greet customers and staff. They also need to know the health and safety procedures of the building and maintain a secure environment.

The duties will also involve:

  • Welcome

    Client Management so your visitors feel welcome

  • Trained Staff

    Trained staff that will act as a point of contact for everyone in the buidling

  • Helpful

    Personnel who have gone through conflict management and First aid training

  • Easy Contact

    Booking clients in and out of the building

  • And More...

    Carrying out internal patrols, identifying fire hazards or leaks etc…

What to expect

Front of house security refers to security personnel who are positioned at the main entrance of a building or event to control access, provide a visible security presence, and maintain order.

The primary responsibility of front of house security is to ensure that only authorized individuals enter the building or event and to prevent any security incidents from occurring.

Front of house security personnel may also be responsible for checking bags and personal items, checking identification, and providing information to visitors.

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