Introducing Philip

Philip is one of our newer officers working at the company. Today we have conducted a short interview with him, discussing his life at Clear Watch.

“Hello, my name is Philip and I am a security guard working under the education sector of Clear Watch Security. I joined Clear Watch last year in the heat of lockdown, so I am still fairly new to this company. Today I am going to discuss what my life as a security guard at Clear Watch has been like.”

What is it like to work as a security guard at Clear Watch Security?

“Ever since I joined Clear Watch, they’ve been supportive with my personal preferences and have crafted a schedule to benefit me. I feel as I am a part of this team, since the directors themselves come down to the site while we are working to check up on us and our wellbeing. I feel as what other companies lack compared to Clear Watch is that they don’t have that usual face-to-face interaction from people who work behind the scenes. which makes you think who are they really working for. Clear Watch makes sure that each officer feels motivated and happy with their position.”

What sites do you work at Clear Watch?

Currently I am situated at a college in Manchester. As a security officer working at this college, there is always something new going on everyday. I feel happy working for a Clear Watch as they are willing to take employee preferences into account. My current day-to-day activities include:

  • Safeguarding employees and students from any potential dangers.
  • Patrolling the campus making sure everything is right security wise.
  • Responding to alarms and emergencies.
  • Keeping record of every incident that occurs on site
  • Controlling traffic in and around the campus.
  • Make sure employees and students are following campus guidelines.

Do Clear Watch provide you with the right equipment before you’re placed at a site?

“Yes, when I joined the Clear Watch, they provided me with the right training and equipment so I can be prepared for any situation that occurs. Clear Watch provided me with equipment and training that not only would benefit the client’s safety but my safety as well. People usually forget when taking about security guards our safety is important too. This shows that the company actually cares for their employees making sure we are safe at all times.”