Surprised to see keys left out in the open for everyone to access?

Shockingly enough this is a regular occurrence for many businesses out there, which then leads you to understand why 58.7% of burglars enter through the front entrance. The next time you leave your keys out in the open, think of how easily burglars can gain access.

Here are 5 quick tips you can use to prevent that.

1. Take your key out!

We are not all perfect. People can be forgetful. Especially when it comes to things such as keys. We often misplace them without even knowing. As simple as it sounds, just taking your key out the lock could save your business the time and money of installing a new system in place. Unwanted visitors inside your business could set your business back especially if they have access to your sensitive information.

2. Implementing a more business effective lock

Implementing a code/fob system rather than your traditional key & lock systems could result in an easier and cheaper solution. Firstly, you won’t ever need to waste your expense on creating new keys every other day because of how cheap and quick it is. Secondly, it would be harder for a burglar to break through the more sophisticated lock.

3. Keeping a Clear Watch

Access control is essential to keeping your business safe from tailgating. Contracting the right company to deal with your access control, will take the workload off your hands, therefore resulting in better efficiency within your business.

How do we know this?

We’re experienced with access control. It is duty as security providers, to keep businesses like yours safe from unauthorised visitors. Find our more here >

4. Create backup keys!

Keys are small, which often leads us to misplace them at times of need. Without a backup, you’d either be locked out or locked in. Whichever way, you’re going to be stuck in the mud. Keeping a backup in the picture would give you the peace of mind that you need in that situation.

Be prepared for any situation. At Clear Watch we offer a keyholding solution for your lost problem. For as little as £1 a day we’ll be able to keep your keys in a safe offsite location and deliver them whenever they’re needed. Learn more >

5. Change your locks

If you have moved into a new building on lost your keys, the best thing to do is change your locks.

Why may you ask? Have you stopped to think if the previous owners still have access to the building or if someone has found your key and used it? It’s best to be cautious in these situations and the best solution would be to change the lock right away. Preventing any break-ins and long-term issues from happening.

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