Storing surveillance video to ‘The Cloud’?

If your business is struggling maintaining storage for your files, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a dive into the world of Cloud Computing. What is Cloud Computing? you may say. Well Cloud Computing is the distribution of computing services over the internet. Some examples of such computing services are storage, databases, servers, analytics etc.

Below we have listed some benefits your business could profit from when thinking of moving to ‘The Cloud’.


No matter how you decide to store your surveillance footage, security is a big factor that you need to consider when choosing the right Cloud Computing provider. Since the service is hosted via the internet, it would make security a crucial matter. Usually when you decide to use a cloud storage service, your data is stored across the many data centres the service provider has. So, if a data centre were to collapse, your data would be secure as your data is then passed onto another data centre.


What’s the point of using a cloud service, if it’s difficult to navigate through and use?

Being able to use a cloud service should be simple and shouldn’t require extra training. Nowadays, most cloud service providers maintain a user-friendly design making it easier for even the inexperienced. With using a user-friendly cloud service, you’re able to access and share your files a lot quicker than physical storage,

Loss of files

Having your surveillance video corrupted, stolen or even deleted can be a great hassle. You could argue that making a backup would make your life a lot easier but backing up your files could result time consuming subsequently wasting precious time. In the world of business time is important, why waste your time of doing it inhouse when you can use a service provider which can minimise the task within a shorter time frame. With making use of physical storage, you’re going to have to keep backing your data up regularly, however with cloud storage, you don’t need to worry about creating a back up as the service provider has created many for you.

Cost effective

Not only is the usability of the cloud beneficial, but the fact that it costs less to store your files onto the cloud. The cloud is very business friendly as businesses ranging from the big to the small can utilise it and profit from the benefits. Making use of the cloud would help in maximising your budget somewhere else.

Companies which offer cloud storage services

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