Reasons Why You Should Invest in Security

Running a business is a full-time job. Even when you’re away from the premises, your business remains at the forefront of your mind! When you aren’t managing employees or tackling paperwork, you’re focusing on growing your success and expanding the company. The last thing you want to be consumed by is worrying your building isn’t protected from crime in your area.

Are your basic security measures enough to give you peace of mind while your team is working and distracted, or your premises are unoccupied? Likely not.

Here are 5 reasons you should invest in security for your business beyond locked doors and simple burglar alarms.

1 Employee Safety is Invaluable

You really can’t put a price on the safety of your workers. When they’re at work, they should feel entirely comfortable and free from risk! A well-managed and productive team is a secure team because they can focus simply on the tasks at hand rather than assessing threats to the building. Attentive concierge security promises that nobody can enter your workplace without good reason, so intruders are unlikely. Do you want your workforce on your business premises without being able to guarantee that you’re protecting them?

2 Peace of Mind is Precious

If you’ve decided to go on holiday, you should be free to unwind. Totally unwinding is difficult when you’re concerned about your building’s security because you’ll worry you’re going to return to a theft. A simple burglar alarm isn’t enough to give you updates when you’re in another country, whereas you’ll receive regular contact with mobile patrols monitoring your building while you’re away. One message a day promising that your premises are perfectly safe keeps your mind from racing!

3 Customers’ Data is Safeguarded

Your employees and your equipment aren’t the only valuables on your premises. Your customers’ data, including payment details and personal information, is kept in filing cabinets or on your IT systems. If anybody gains access to that data, customers are in danger of becoming victims of fraud or identity theft! To protect your customers and the reputation of your business, your premises ought to be as secure as possible to deter intruders and thieves. Even just obvious CCTV cameras show that you’re serious about security, so you’re less likely to be targeted in planned attacks.

4 Break-Ins are Costly

Without appropriate security measures, any attempts at theft are more likely to be successful. A successful break-in can lose your business money in terms of equipment and repairs after forced entry. While security systems aren’t cheap, they work out more affordable than the effects of a robbery would, and they save you the time and hassle you’d spend recovering. A secure front of house is often enough to keep the rest of your building safe since it controls entry and monitors CCTV for every other room on the premises.

5 Quicker Prosecutions When Necessary

Even with all the security measures in the world, your business can become a target to local criminals. When you’re unfortunate enough for this to be the case, security measures can still be of massive use to you! You’re more likely to catch criminals with an excellent CCTV system, fast alarm response or the help of a mobile patrol. In the worst-case scenario, at least you’ll know those individuals will be identified and charged so they can’t raid your business again.

There are countless reasons to strengthen your steps toward safety as a business, and at Clear Watch Security, we are here to help. Please get in contact with us to discuss a unique system for your company, whether you favour security guarding or the oversight of a remote concierge.