Where Should You Place Security Cameras?

Where Should You Place Security Cameras?

Installing security cameras is an excellent measure to take to ensure that your business premises are consistently well protected. A quality security system will record surveillance of your building while you’re off the premises, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to check footage even while you’re away. The benefits of CCTV are clear, but how can you make sure that you’re getting the most you possibly can from your system? Does the placement of your cameras make a difference?

Security cameras aren’t just beneficial to provide evidence of vandalism or theft. While recording footage is a key function of CCTV, cleverly fitted cameras also act as preventive security. Preventive measures deter criminals from targeting your business from the very beginning, such as manned security guarding! Obvious security surveillance is a red flag to thieves because of the likelihood they’ll get caught, so you want to make it clear that you’ve got a CCTV system. So, where should you place security cameras?

At Exits and Entrances

External exits and entrances are an excellent place to put security cameras. Nobody can gain access to your building without entering and then exiting, so you’re almost guaranteed to capture footage of any intruder. Obvious CCTV cameras around doors are also a great deterrent when vandals or thieves look to assess your property to break-in! This preventive measure could save you a lot of hassle in the long run since criminals will realise your property is well protected early on and steer clear. You could choose to fit cameras in access points that aren’t a traditional entrance or an exit if you suspect they may be used.

In Your Reception Area

Hosting security cameras in your reception area is a smart idea. Front of house staff are better protected with extra safety measures, and you’ll have footage if anybody should gain entry and interact with your employees. Reception staff are also likely to be monitoring your CCTV and responsible for maintaining safety on shift, so your camera must be positioned out of sight to them – like around the corners of desks. Your reception is also going to be well lit, so you’re more likely to be able to identify people on tape than with footage on the door.

Inside Storage Rooms

Storage rooms are an area where valuables and sensitive information can be held, but there aren’t regular occupants. Putting a security camera in your storage room makes perfect sense, and particularly if the room is restricted. Not only are CCTV cameras going to record footage and make sure that employees are acting appropriately, but they can account for documents and products getting lost or stolen. Your business could save a chunk of time and money in the long run with an extra pair of eyes!

At the Back of House

We recognise that your business premises aren’t always just your building. You’re likely to have a back of house, potentially a car park and a place to store your recycling bins. Since these areas aren’t routinely occupied, security cameras can monitor this space for you and keep the entirety of your premises safe. Promising employees a secure area to park their cars is fundamental to their ability to work, and your bins are a prime target for messy vandalism. In the unlikely event that an incident does occur, you are sorted with solid evidence to present in court.

For further advice on maintaining sensible safety measures on your business premises, contact us at Clear Watch Security. Whether you’re interested in CCTV, keyholding and alarm response or mobile patrolling, we are guaranteed to have a solution to suit your needs.