Drone Security

A bird’s eye view of your business

Providing video footage of aerial patrols designed to check where the human eye can’t reach

Drone security is a game-changer

It’s rapid and can be deployed within minutes without any infrastructure. Operated by a trained drone specialist, our security team are able to patrol all areas of your sites.

How the service works

  • 1

    Operated by a trained drone specialist, our security team are able to patrol all areas of your sites.

  • 2
    360 Coverage

    A 360 approach only works if your security systems are seamless.

  • 3
    Seamless Integration

    Manned Guarding, CCTV, Mobile Patrols and Response services work side by side. Drone Security fits in perfectly when your site is equipped with the correct security.

Drone Security

  • It is cost-effective in when compared with other security services, namely a full-time manned presence

  • Drones can be monitored remotely from a safe distance

  • It can be combined with mobile patrols to provide an effective deterrent

  • It can be used in low lit areas with built in night vision cameras

  • The drones are environment friendly and do not cause any noise issues

We’ll give you access to Clear Watch security technology from day one, at no extra charge. Once we set you up with login credentials, you can view our patrols from anywhere in the world.

Who is Drone Security for?

Drone surveillance has been designed to enhance security in the following areas:
Business and industrial parks
Theme parks and large leisure facilities
Construction sites
Special events such as music festivals
Farms and large rural estates

From the start, we’ll assign an account manager who’ll get to know you, and tailor your security needs. We realise that you may be new to Drone security, but don’t worry we will guide you through the whole process.

A Clear Watch on your Drone Security

You’re in the safest pair of hands – both for customer engagement, and continuous protection. Get back to business; leave the rest to us. Contact the team today.

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