The Rise of Stolen Doorstep Deliveries and How to Make It Stop!

Have you recently had a parcel go missing? Was it stolen? You are not alone.

Parcel theft is sweeping the UK and it’s on the increase.

According to the first global report on parcel theft, more than eight million parcels were lost or stolen between May 2021 and April 2022 with the UK having the largest increase in missing parcels compared to other countries. The UK saw a 5% rise in the previous 12 months – costing UK customers £320 million in missing goods.

Despite these high figures, redress systems – like compensation – can be difficult to access. One in three customers who had an issue said they took no action as they didn’t think it’d make a difference.

Customers tend to have no choice over who their parcel company is, with that choice being made by the retailer. As a result, consumers face a lottery when it comes to fixing problems or getting compensated for lateness or loss.

These are the results of the world’s first global parcel theft survey which found that close to one in ten people across the world said they had at least one parcel lost or stolen from May 2021 to April 2022.

You might ask, why is this crime on the increase?

Thieves know that the courier has targets to meet. They have hundreds of drops to make on each shift. The don’t always wait for the recipient to answer the door. This issue causes the parcel to be left in a doorway, porch an unsafe area.

Preventing theft from your doorstep

Here are some things you could do to reduce the risk of doorstep theft:

  • track your parcel to ensure you or someone else is at home for the delivery
  • install a video doorbell; this can be connected to your mobile so you are notified immediately of any delivery, and is easier to install than a full CCTV system
  • install a security light
  • arrange for your parcel to be delivered to a trusted neighbour, or other family members who will be at home; if you live in a flat, is there a concierge who could accept the parcel for you?
  • use an off-site locker service for frequent deliveries, or for expensive items; these parcel boxes are more likely to be in busy, safer locations – such as supermarkets – rather than secluded areas which could be targeted by thieves

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