Save expenses this April

What has happened this April?

From the start of April 2022, businesses in the UK have been hit with a big financial concern, considering the 1.25 percentage point increase in National Insurance and the 6.6% increase in Living Wage. Many companies have started to find ways how they could possibly save their expenses by streamlining or finding alternatives. Find out how you can save expenses with security below.

How can the increases of the price in labour benefit you in terms of security?

Now that living wages have risen and the price for labour has increased, that doesn’t mean you should remove security entirely out of the equation to cut costs. Instead try the Mobile approach. Initially you would be getting the same service but for a much more effective price range.

Response Security Solutions

With the development in technology, a security guard is able to monitor and survey your property remotely from the security systems you have installed on the premises. If there were an issue to occur, the security guard is then able to spring into action and respond physically. Response times depending on the location of the officer can take up to 30 minutes.

Remote services could also be used successfully in the hospitality sector and act as that remote front desk for your business. Taking inbound calls and enquires from your customers and employees. In the past, during the pandemic period, remote services have benefited many establishments in the housing and apartment sector, not only did it help reduce the cost of recruiting, but it also assisted in retaining customers and clients.

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