Who Likes Data?

We all go through some serious data every day. We consume data in different ways. This could be from traditional channels like the television to our mobile devices. We are used to data being available instantly.

Security is no different. Managers like to know their premises are secure. With data analytics you get to see the big picture.

You can monitor trends and push resources in the right departments. Data has to be categorised correctly though otherwise we lose the essence of it.


Reacting to danger is what keeps us alive. The world is connected much more closely than ever. Real time data helps us locate incidents and report them back to our supervisors and managers.

Security officers working the graveyard shift don’t feel isolated any longer. We have equipped them with software that keeps them busy through the night. Each patrol involves swiping designated areas. They have reports to fill. They have tasks to carry out. We have made it simple for them. The reports are all listed correctly and the security officers know which report to fill out during their patrols. If they come across any issues then it is escalated to a supervisor or manager and the issue is dealt with promptly. Reactions with the help of data can save money, time and more importantly life.

Manage Risk

It’s no use reporting an incident and forgetting what time it happened. The more details you log down the more accurate your information will be. Security officers are trained to deal with conflict, they have honed their skills to stay awake through those long dark hours. They have excellent communications skills.

Yet they are still humans. Humans are prone to errors. Technology helps eradicate most of these problems. Data helps build a strong case. A security officer has the option to take a picture of an incident. They can scan points to show proof of patrols. They have access to previous incidents to check if these kinds of issues are re-occurring. Managing risks and incidents helps companies protect their brand and image.

Make sure you incorporate data into your security operations. It can save you time and money.

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