Security Survey

Security Survey

We are offering local companies a FREE No-Obligation Security Survey of their premises. Our qualified risk assessment officers would come to your business premises and conduct a survey with you highlighting any risks you may be open to.

The recommendations of the survey will then be sent to you by post.

To qualify for this Free security survey you would need to be located within “15miles of Oldham”.

If you feel that you are not in a position to take up this offer there is some valuable advice for you below.

How to protect your business

We all have valuables at work. In order to protect these valuables there needs to be some sort of security measures in place. A security survey can help you achieve this.

Preparing Your Survey

When thinking about a security survey for your premises and what security measures need to be in place you should be covering all angles. I will list a range of ideas to look into for your security survey.

Most business have different targets:

  • Premises – Such as Shops, Car Show Rooms, Warehouses
  • Valuables – Such as Money, Stock and Goods
  • People – Such as staff, Customers, Clients, Security Staff

We need to be thinking about how to minimise the opportunity of crime taking place.

This means looking at security from an out-of-box approach. We need to concentrate on potential targets and the best and cost effective ways to minimise the threat.

The Survey should also take into consideration:

  • Crime figures in the area
  • Businesses close by who have been targets
  • If any Crime Partnerships are already running in the area

A geographical map of your premises will also help in making the security survey as accurate as possible.

Conducting the Survey

When you start the security survey you need to be aware of:

  • Legal implications
  • The welfare of your workforce
  • Insurance
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Trading Standards

Your security survey also needs to be future proof, so it can be amended easily if unexpected events take place.

Key Areas

The security survey needs to consider:

  • Geographical Area – this could be the area that surrounds the premises
  • External Perimeter – all access point to your premises
  • Visible Access – Doors and Windows
  • Internal – inside the premises, and how this could be protected from potential crime

Careful attention should be paid to the roof, cellar, loading bay areas and the back of your business.

You should need to enter the criminals mind and think how he/she would view your premises. Would they think it is an easier target during certain hours of the day?

You could contact businesses close to your premises to set up a business watch program.

You can consider alarms help to secure a building by alerting you, your nominated security contractor or even the police.

Alarms can also deter potentials criminals from attempting your premises in the first place.

Remember this is your business and it is your duty to make it as secure as you possibly can.

There are numerous companies that can help you with a security or risk assessment but ultimately you know your business better than anybody else.