The Importance of Security Guarding

The Importance of Security Guarding

Security guards are often employed in order to protect possessions and belongings.

From business premises and construction sites to supermarkets and shopping centres, the presence of security guards can ward off any unwanted threats.

While many businesses and individuals already rely on CCTV systems and alarms as effective security tools, it is fair to say that these expensive devices only act as a visual deterrent to guard against any potential criminal activity.

According to recent statistics, having a guard present on your private business premises or patrolling an appointed area does help to deter crime. Every business, regardless of its enterprise can easily fall victim to vandalism and theft, and while a CCTV system will record criminals and an alarm will alert the general public that illegal activities are occurring, these do not offer a guarantee that the criminal will be caught.

Employing security personnel takes the level of installed security up to a significant level. In a time when prevention is always better than cure, a security patrol can deter the criminals while offering peace of mind to the business owner and their staff.

Not only is a manned security guarding there to patrol and protect property, but they also offer a sense of reassurance and stability to staff members which in turn, will boost morale. It is in the interest of any business owner to secure their assets and premises to accord, but it is also vital that staff feel safe in their working environment. Staff morale needs to be at a constant high and any individual in the workplace needs to be reassured that when confronted with any threatening behaviour, they have the help and back up of well-placed security personnel.

Security should be the number one concern of any business no matter what environment that business may be in. Both for the purpose of protecting assets and staff, manned security beats CCTV systems hands down. As an additional reassurance and from a health and safety point of view having security staff present at any event or venue is a must and a priority.

From basic protection of property to offering additional support to existing staff, having the assurance of added individuals who are employed strictly as security has an invaluable number of advantages. As a visual deterrent to criminals and as reinforcement to an existing staff structure, manned security guards offer a protection that is second to none.

Every business should openly engage in resolving their security issues whether it is needed round the clock or solely during business hours. Unfortunately many do consider utilising the services of a security guard contracting services as an expensive affair however, when it comes to protecting assets and property from vandalism, arson, and burglary it is a little price to pay.

As a preventative measure having the presence of manned security personnel beats any other.

Together with manned guarding, key holding, a mobile patrol, and an alarm response unit based in the Manchester and Northwest areas of the UK, Clear Watch Security can offer a tailor made security package that is both convenient, professional and cost effective.

If you already have an alarm system and a good quality CCTV setup then that’s great, but this alone cannot give the kind of protection and reassurances that a manned security contractor can.