Top 10 Workplace Security Tips

Top 10 Workplace Security Tips

We know how important security is. Security in every part of your workplace is essential. This applies to the physical and electronic environments. Having the correct security measures in place deters potential intruders from disrupting your business.

We have come up with 10 tips you can adopt today.

1. Make sure all windows and doors are secure before you leave the workplace. When you open your business in the mornings look for signs of anything that may have been changed. This could be doors that seem like they may have been damaged. Signs of graffiti on walls or shutters. This could be a sign that your business may have been marked for a further attempt of a break in.

2. Keep access control seamless. This can be done by keeping all entrances and exits secure at all times. A combination door lock should always be secured. If there is a code entry, make sure that code is only issued to individuals who belong to the business. When issuing fobs, program them so that they only access certain areas of the premises. Make sure where possible, everyone signs in and out of the premises.

3. Ensure you have CCTV in place and the cameras are installed at key points where the business may be most vulnerable. This should then be backed up so that you can go back and check it should the need arise.

4. Alarms should be installed and maintained by a competent provider. Where possible check if it you are able to link them to a police response.

5. Encourage staff no to leave any property (especially company related property) in their vehicles.

6. Keep an eye on the car park. Make sure all vehicles are accounted for and CCTV covers all areas.

7. All lights should around the external areas should be properly maintained so that the CCTV can function correctly. Many businesses have very good CCTV systems yet poor lighting which defeats the purpose of securing your business effectively.

8. Make sure all wastage is taken away from the premises by a certified company. Wastage may include old laptops, Pc’s and other technology devices. These usually hold a lot of confidential data and important information about your company.

9. All devices should be password protected in the workplace. If you have staff working in large teams it is very important everybody is responsible for the security of their devices. Data leaks are on the increase and can be very costly if the information gets into the wrong hands.

10. All employees should be provided the correct training regarding security in the workplace. This training should be refreshed at regular intervals and new employees should be briefed on security in the workplace before they start their new jobs.

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